Microsoft's big bet on the cloud is paying off

The technology company's big bet on cloud computing is paying off. Sales from Microsoft's cloud division hit $6.7 billion in the most recent quarter, a 7% gain from the same quarter a year earlier. That was fueled by the staggering growth of Azure, its cloud computing platform, which more than doubled.

Microsoft (MSFTTech30) says it's now on pace to generate more than $12 billion in sales annually from commercial cloud services.

The momentum from Microsoft's cloud efforts helped the company reach $22.6 billion in sales and $5.5 billion in net income for the quarter, beating Wall Street estimates on both counts.

Its stock was up as much as 4% in after hours trading following the release.

"The Microsoft Cloud is seeing significant customer momentum and we're well positioned to reach new opportunities in the year ahead," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a statement.

Microsoft has invested heavily to reposition itself as an industry leader in cloud services, rivaling businesses like Amazon (AMZNTech30). This has helped Microsoft cushion the blow from a failed investment in smartphones and a sagging PC market dragging down its Windows licensing sales.

Revenue from phones declined by 71% from the same quarter a year earlier. Microsoft also wrote down a $1.1 billion charge related to the fallout from its purchase of Nokia and subsequent restructuring in the phone division. Last year, it took a $7.6 billion charge for the Nokia deal.

While its cloud performance has been strong, the performance of Windows 10 has been less than it hoped for.

Microsoft admitted last week that it will miss an ambitious goal to have Windows 10 running on one billion devices by 2018 as a result of slower-than-expected upgrades and adoption.

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 China's 'Good Will Hunting?' Migrant worker solves complex math problem

Beijing (CNN)A Chinese migrant worker with no college degree has found a solution to a complex math problem -- in what appears to be a real life version of the Oscar-winning movie "Good Will Hunting."

Yu Jianchun, who works for a parcel delivery company, said he'd always had a passion for numbers and has created an alternative method to verify Carmichael numbers.
    His solution amazed academics, who said his proof was much more efficient than the traditional one.
    "It was a very imaginative solution," said Cai Tianxin, a math professor at Zhejiang University.
    "He has never received any systematic training in number theory nor taken advanced math classes. All he has is an instinct and an extreme sensitivity to numbers."
    Carmichael numbers are sometimes described as "pseudo primes" -- they complicate the task of determining true prime numbers, which are divisable only by 1 and itself. They play an important role in computer science and information security.
    Yu worked on his proof during his free time while building a new home in his village last year.
    "I was overwhelmed with joy, because my solution was completely different to the classic algorithm," said Yu.

    Exciting discovery

    William Banks, a mathematician at the University of Missouri, who works with Carmichael numbers said, if verified, an alternative proof would be an exciting discovery for his field.
    He said that the only construction of an infinite family of Carmichael number was done by academics 20 years ago.
    "There have been additional theoretical results in this area -- including several by myself and my co-authors -- but these are all variations on a theme," he said.
    Yu presented his proof -- along with solutions to four other problems -- to the public on June 13 at a graduate student seminar on the invitation of Cai.
    However, it took Yu more than eight years of writing letters to prominent Chinese mathematicians to get any recognition for his talent.
    Cai, the professor, says he will include Yu's solution in an upcoming book.

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    High school students built a bomb-seeking robot for the RNC

    During the summer, you'll likely find most kids in swimming pools, collecting Pokemon or at camp.

    Most kids.

    But for 20 Cleveland high school students, their summer has been devoted to building an all-terrain, bomb-seeking robot.

    A team from the Youth Technology Academy at Cuyahoga Community College built the bot in anticipation of the Republican National Convention, to rove the grounds around the Quicken Loans Arena.

    Professor George Bilokonsky oversees the program.

    "The robot's purpose is to scout ahead of time," he said.

    And thus, "Scoutbot" was born.

    The Cleveland Police Department needed something speedy and agile. And after encountering the team of wiz kids at a routine training session at the college, they thought the students were the perfect candidates for the job.

    "I wanted something simple, to check suspicious packages or whatever, and do it quickly," Sargent Tim Maffo-Judd of Cleveland Police's bomb squad told CNN. That was six months ago.

    Now, the RNC is upon us -- and thanks to Bilkonsky's "technology gang," as he calls them, "Scoutbot" is ready to hit the streets.

    But why was it needed in the first place?

    "Our main bomb bot can go up and down stairs, shoot things, and blow things up," said Maffo-Judd. "But it takes 20 minutes to set up."  

    That's precious time that officers could be using to disarm the threat.

    "Scoutbot," which looks a lot like a supped-up toy car, can be rolling in just five minutes. It has six wheels and is equipped with a 360-degree camera, night vision and has a range of 400 feet. Made mostly of aluminum and some 3-D printed parts, Scoutbot is just 12 inches tall, 18 inches long, and 6 inches wide. Its small size enables it to get into tight spaces, like under cars, to look for bombs or other suspicious items.

    The robot was funded by a $500 grant from a Cleveland Police foundation and the rest was put together with spare parts from around the shop at Cuyahoga Community College, according to Bilokonsky.

    "You have to think outside the box as a bomb tech, and that's what these kids did," Maffo-Judd said.

    The students were thrilled to be tasked with the assignment.

    "It feels like an honor and privilege to be able to work with the bomb squad on a project that they can use for the future and help keep people safe," Mark Hairston, 17, told CNN. "It was a little daunting at first, but over time, as it developed into the actual robot and we could see what it was becoming, it felt pretty good."

    For many of the students, it was their first time interacting with police.

    "You know, I never thought I'd be building a robot with a bunch of high school kids," said Maffo-Judd. "I'm proud to be apart of it, and those kids are a thousand times smarter than I'll ever be."

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    페이스북과 구글이 같이 협업을 한다. 모바일 웹 사용자들이 Push 알림을 크롬을 통해 받기위하여

    개발자들이 모바일 웹사이트들을 싫어하는 가장 큰 이유는 모바일 웹사이트는 네이티브 앱으로의 재유입을 도와주는 푸쉬 알림의 서비스가 부족했기 때문이다. 그것은 페이스북의 문제이기도 하다. 이것은 m.facebook.com의 많은유저들에게도 보인다. 그래서 페이스북은 오늘 구글과 새로운 모바일 앱 alert 표준을 만든다고 발표했다. 모바일 웹사이트 사용자들은 선택할 수 있다 크롬을 통해서 push 알림을 받는 것을.

    구글은 첫번째로 크롬을 통해서 push를 해주는 third-parth의 개발은 4월에 끝났고 eBay나 Vice News 같은 몇몇 파트너들과 표준으로의 실행을 약속했다고 알렸다. 그리고 지금 페이스북은 push 알림을 출시했다. 모바일 크롬 사용자들 들은 Chrome push 알림을 켤 것인지를 물어볼 것이다. Facebook의 상품 매니저 - 브라우저 파스터쉽의- Jonathan McKay는 나에게 이미 이렇게 말해주었다. "우리들은 방문자들의 증가를 보았다 push알림을 런칭함으로써" 

    Chrome을 통한 push는 "Facebook에 많은 시간을 보내지 않는 사람들에게 사이트로의 재유입에 좋은 수준이다."라고 McKay가 설명했다. "push는 Facebook에 많은 시간을보내지 않는 사람들로부터 나온 최고의 컨텐츠이다 그래서 그들은 선행으로 서비스를 갈 필요가 없다." 만약 그들에게 친구가 결혼을 했거나 태그를 당했는 경우라면 푸쉬알람을 통해서 Facebook으로 재유입을 의미했다. push alert가 없었다면 모바일 웹사용자들은 전혀 몰랐을 것이다. 페이스북에 어떤일이 일어났는지. 

    소셜 네트워킹 사용자( 데이터에 대한 걱적이 없는 )는 높은 기능의 Facebook app을 선호하는 반면에 이것은 많은데이터를 소비하지 않고 앱의 업데이트를 요구하지도 않기에 모바일 웹사이트는 인기있어질 것이다. 


    구글은 희망하기를 모바일 웹 push 알림의 정착을 다른 브라우저 마켓에도 나타나는 것을 희망한다 "현재 이것은 안정적으로 전파되고 있다. 우리와 Opera에 그리고 FireFox 24에도 11월에 정착될 것이다."라고 구글의 push서비스과 관련된 Owen Campbell-Moore이 말했다. UC 브라우저 UC웹의 중국 회사 또한 이것이 마켓에 나타나게될 것들을 지원햇다.

     한 도전이 알림에 대한 것을 증가시켰다. 페이스북 모바일 사이트의 가입과 함께 (Facebook List, Opera 그리고 다른 푸쉬를 받는 방법들) 사용자들은 alert에 노출될 수 있다 그들이 이미 보았던. Nate Schloss, 페이스북 소프트웨어 엔지니어, 는 말한다 이것은 우리를 짜증나게 할수도 있다. McKay는 웃었다 그가 이것을 테스트하는 동안 주기적으로 나와 Nate가 9개의 알림을 받았다 아무때나 아무에게서 아무거나 했을때. 이것은 계속 징징거리는 것을 볼 수 있었다.

    회사들은 희망하고 있는 중이다. 이 중복되는 alert들을 제한하는 방법을 창안하는 것을. 어떤사람들이 선호하는 인터페이스를 탐지하여 오직 한번 push를 하도록. push알림은 모바일 웹사이트를 도울수 있다 native app과 경쟁하면서. 모든 business나 서비스가 full-scale의 native app이 필요한 것은 아니다. 지금 그들은 재유입의 기회를 얻을 수 있다 모바일 웹이 재공하는 구조를 통해서

     함께 일하는 것을 통해서 구글과 페이스북팀들은 말햇다. 페이스북은  멋진 지원을 얻을 수 있었고 반면에 구글은 버그들과 issue들을 배울 수 있었다 오직 Facebook의 거대한 스케일에서만 일어나는. .


    Facebook Works With Google To Let Mobile Web Users Get Push Notifications Via Chrome

    A big reason developers hate mobile websites is that they lack the push notifications which help re-engage people with native apps. That was a serious problem for Facebook. It sees a ton of users on its site, especially in the developing world where data budgets are tight, but had trouble pulling them back in. So today Facebook announced that after working with Google on its new mobile web alerts standard, mobile web users can now opt to receive push notifications via Chrome.

    Google first announced the development of its third-party push API through Chrome back in April and noted some partners like eBay and Vice News who had committed to implementing the standard. Now Facebook has rolled out the feature,  so mobile Chrome users on will be asked to turn on Chrome pushes. Facebook’s product manager on browser partnerships Jonathan McKay tells me that already, “We’ve seen an increase in visitation from launching push notifications.”

    Push via Chrome is “a great lever for re-engagement to the site [from]…people who might not use Facebook as much”, McKay explains. “This is pushing the best content out to them so they don’t have to proactively go to the service.” That could mean telling them to come back if a friend got married or they’ve been tagged in a photo. Without these push alerts, mobile web users might have never realized there was something urgent to attend to on Facebook.

    While social networking addicts who aren’t as concerned about data rates might prefer the high-performing native Facebook app, in emerging markets, the mobile site is very popular. It’s lean, doesn’t burn much data, and doesn’t require app updates.

    Google hopes to see adoption of its mobile web push notifications standard by other browser makers too. “Now it’s shipped stably for both us and Opera, and it’s landing on Firefox 42 in November” says Owen Campbell-Moore, Google’s associate product manager on the feature. UC Browser from Chinese company UC Web is also supporting this to bring it to emerging markets.

    One challenge is duplicate notifications. With the mobile site joining Facebook, Facebook Lite, Opera, and other ways to get pushes, users could be exposed to alerts they’ve already seen. Nate Schloss, a Facebook software engineer working on the integration says this could get annoying. McKay laughs that while he was testing it, “There was period of time me and Nate were getting 9 notifications anytime anyone did anything. It was like a minute of buzzing.”

    The companies are hoping to devise ways to limit those duplicate alerts by detecting what someone’s preferred interface is and only pushing them there. Done right, push notifications could help the mobile web compete with native apps. Not every business or service needs a full-scale native app. Now they could get the re-engagement opportunities of native with the ease of construction that the mobile web provides.

    By working together, the teams tell me Facebook was able to get assistance nailing the experience, while Google got to learn about bugs and issues that only appear at Facebook’s enormous scale. That was a big theme of today’s Facebook @Scale engineering conferencethat drew coders from across Silicon Valley to a day of these kinds of announcements. Tech giants don’t always have to compete.

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    Benedetta Berti: The surprising way groups like ISIS stay in power



    For the past decade, I've been studying non-state armed groups: armed organizations like terrorists, insurgents or militias. I document what these groups do when they're not shooting. My goal is to better understand these violent actors and to study ways to encourage transition from violent engagement to nonviolent confrontation. I work in the field, in the policy world and in the library.





    Understanding non-state armed groups is key to solving most ongoing conflict, because war has changed. It used to be a contest between states. No longer. It is now a conflict between states and non-state actors. For example, of the 216 peace agreements signed between 1975 and 2011, 196 of them were between a state and a non-state actor. So we need to understand these groups; we need to either engage them or defeat them in any conflict resolution process that has to be successful.





    So how do we do that? We need to know what makes these organizations tick. We know a lot about how they fight, why they fight, but no one looks at what they're doing when they're not fighting. Yet, armed struggle and unarmed politics are related. It is all part of the same organization. We cannot understand these groups, let alone defeat them, if we don't have the full picture.





    And armed groups today are complex organizations. Take the Lebanese Hezbollah, known for its violent confrontation against Israel. But since its creation in the early 1980s, Hezbollah has also set up a political party, a social-service network, and a military apparatus. Similarly, the Palestinian Hamas, known for its suicide attacks against Israel, also runs the Gaza Strip since 2007. So these groups do way more than just shoot. They multi-task. They set up complex communication machines -- radio stations, TV channels, Internet websites and social media strategies. And up here, you have the ISIS magazine, printed in English and published to recruit. Armed groups also invest in complex fund-raising -- not looting, but setting up profitable businesses; for example, construction companies. Now, these activities are keys. They allow these groups to increase their strength, increase their funds, to better recruit and to build their brand.







    Armed groups also do something else: they build stronger bonds with the population by investing in social services. They build schools, they run hospitals, they set up vocational-training programs or micro-loan programs. Hezbollah offers all of these services and more. Armed groups also seek to win the population over by offering something that the state is not providing: safety and security. The initial rise of the Taliban in war-torn Afghanistan, or even the beginning of the ascent of ISIS, can be understood also by looking at these groups' efforts to provide security. Now, unfortunately, in these cases, the provision of security came at an unbearably high price for the population. But in general, providing social services fills a gap, a governance gap left by the government, and allows these groups to increase their strength and their power. For example, the 2006 electoral victory of the Palestinian Hamas cannot be understood without acknowledging the group's social work.




    Now, this is a really complex picture, yet in the West, when we look at armed groups, we only think of the violent side. But that's not enough to understand these groups' strength, strategy or long-term vision. These groups are hybrid. They rise because they fill a gap left by the government, and they emerge to be both armed and political, engage in violent struggle and provide governance.





    And the more these organizations are complex and sophisticated, the less we can think of them as the opposite of a state. Now, what do you call a group like Hezbollah? They run part of a territory, they administer all their functions, they pick up the garbage, they run the sewage system. Is this a state? Is it a rebel group? Or maybe something else, something different and new? And what about ISIS? The lines are blurred. We live in a world of states, non-states, and in-between, and the more states are weak, like in the Middle East today, the more non-state actors step in and fill that gap. This matters for governments, because to counter these groups, they will have to invest more in non-military tools. Filling that governance gap has to be at the center of any sustainable approach. This also matters very much for peacemaking and peacebuilding. If we better understand armed groups, we will better know what incentives to offer to encourage the transition from violence to nonviolence.





    So in this new contest between states and non-states, military power can win some battles, but it will not give us peace nor stability. To achieve these objectives, what we need is a long-term investment in filling that security gap, in filling that governance gap that allowed these groups to thrive in the first place.





    Thank you.

    transition from violent engagement to nonviolent confrontation

    armed groups today are complex organizations

    a social-service network, and a military apparatus

    you have the ISIS magazine, printed in English and published to recruit

    They allow these groups to increase their strength

    they build stronger bonds with the population by investing in social services

    Armed groups also seek to win the population over by offering something that the state is not providing

    non-state group : 비국가 단체

    insurgent : 반란을 일으킨 사람

    militias : 민병대

    document : 기록하다

    transition from A to B : A에서 B로 이행하다.

    engagement : 약속, 업무, 교전

    confrontation : 대치 대립

    peace agreement : 평화 협정

    defeat : 패배시키다

    resolution : 결의안

    conflict resolution : 갈등해소

    tick : 싫은 녀석

    struggle : 투쟁

    politics : 정치

    politic : 신중한, 현명한

    apparatus : 기구 , 에퍼얼레레스

    loot : 훔치다

    governance : 통치, 관리

    sophisticated : 세련된, 정교한, 복잡한

    territory : 지역, 영토

    sewage : 하수, 오물

    sewage system : 하수처리장

    rebel : 반역자

    blurred : 흐릿한, 희미한

    sustainable : 지속가능한

    incentives : 장려책

    thrive : 번창하다

    TED 강의 :

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    이 앱은 너게에 가상의 안전지킴이를 제공해 줄것이다. 너가 집에 가는 동안에....

    최고의 앱의 아이디어들의 몇몇것들은 확실해야 한다. 그리고 명확하게 Companion 앱은 이 경우에 해당한다.

    이 앱은 친구들과 가족들을 가상적으로 동반하게 만드는 것을 쉽게 만든다. 너가 밤에 덜 위험하다고 느끼는 곳까지 동반할 수 있게 한다.

    그리고 너가 두려워 하기 전에 기억하려고 노력해라 얼마나 많은 친구들이 너가 밤길을 걷는 동안에 전화할 것인지 그들이 위험한 상황에서 걷는 동안에 안전하다는 것을 종종 확실하게 하기 위해 

     이 앱은 제거했다 시간이 오래걸리는 것은 가능한 긴장된 상황에는 짧은 대화와 너의 심심의 안정을위해 헌신을 위해 디자인된 것으로 가득하다.

    Companion 은 사용할 수 있다 아무하고나 너와의 접촉 그리고 그러한 접촉을 하는 사람들은 이 앱을 설치할 필요가 없다. 간단하게 너의 시작지점과 목표지점을 이 앱에 기입하라 그리고 소프트웨어는 너의 진전을 추적할 것이다. 주기적으로 "괜찮나요?"라고 물어볼 것이다. 만약 너가 반응을 하지 않으면 15초이내로 초록색 Yes 버튼을 누르면서. 이 앱은 자동적으로 설정된 동반자들에게 알려줄 것이다.

    하지만 앱의 방어의 특성은 거기서 끝나지 않는다. 만약 탐지가 되면 너의 뛰기 시작하는 거나 이어폰 잭이 휴대폰으로 부터 분리가 되는 상황이, 이 앱은 15초 카운트다운을 시작할 것이다. 너의 친구들과 가족들에게 접촉하기 전에. 

    대학생의 경우에 이 앱은 또한 캠퍼스 주위의 지역을 보고하는 기능이 있다 너가 안전하다고 생각하는 지역에 대해. 너가 "I feel nervous"라는 옵션을 선택함으로써. Companion를 만든 사람은 약속한다 너의 학교의 관리자에게 접촉을 할것이라고.    

    당연히 이 앱은 너가 용기를 내게 디자인이 되지는 않았다. 대략 새벽 3시에 터벅터벅 걸어 가는 것을. 하지만 적어도 지금 너는 또다른 믿을 수 없게 너의 마음을 놓일 수 있는 방법을 하지고 있다 너가 너스스로 그런 상황을 발경했을 때.

    현재, 이 앱은 무료로 iOS 와 Android에서 이용가능하다.


    This app gives you a virtual security guard to walk you home

    Some of the best app ideas are also the most obvious, and that's definitely the case with the Companion app.

    The app makes it easy to recruit friends and family to virtually accompany you on your way home at night when you're in areas where you feel less than safe.

    And before you poo-poo the app as playing on our fears, try to remember just how many friends you've known who have called you up while walking the streets at night, often in a bid to make sure someone knows that they're safe while traveling in risky circumstances.

    This app eliminates the need for a lengthy, possibly nervous conversation packed with small talk and instead offers a dedicated tool designed to increase your feeling of safety.

    Companion can be used with anyone in your contacts and those contacts don't need to be users of the app. Simply input your starting point and destination in the app and the software will track your progess, periodically asking "Are you ok?" if you don't respond within 15 seconds, by pressing a large green "Yes" button,  the app will automatically notify you designated companion. 

    But the app's protective features don't end there. If it detects that you've begun running, or that your headphones have been taken out of the smartphone's headphone jack, the app will start its 15-second countdown before contacting your friend or family member.

    For university students, the app also comes with the ability to report areas around campus that you feel could be safer by allowing you to select an "I feel nervous" option when in that area. The makers of Companion promise to contact your school's officials upon receiving such reports.

    Of course, the app isn't designed to encourage you to start traipsing around sketchy neighborhoods at 3 a.m. by yourself, but at least now you have another, incredibly easy way to put your mind at ease when you find yourself in such situations.

    Currently, the app is available as a free download for both iOS and Android.

    Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

    출처 :


    1. 동반자, 동행

    2. (마음 맞는) 친구

    3. 동지


    1. (눈으로 보거나 이해하기에) 분명한

    2. (누가 생각해도) 확실한

    3. 너무 빤한

    in a bid -노력의 일환으로, …하기 위해.

    circumstances  - 사정, 상황

    lengthy  -  (시간・치수가) 너무 긴, 장황한, 지루한

    conversation  -  대화; 회화

    packed with  -  …로 가득한.


    1. 동반자, 동행

    2. (마음 맞는) 친구

    3. 동지


    1. 진전; (목표 달성・완성을 향한) 진척   

    2. (앞으로・무엇을 향해) 감  

    3. 진전을 보이다...

    comes with - ~이 딸려 있다.

    traipse   -  터벅터벅 걷다

    sketchy - 대략적인

    Posted by 구레이더

    스타크래프트를 이제 브라우저에서 실행할 수 있다. 정말 놀랍다!!

    나는 오리지널 스타크래프트를 좋아한다. 나는 많은 시간을 플레이하는데 써왔다. 그리고 1999년 나의 첫번째로 멀티플레이와 연결해주는 게임이었다. 

    지금 누군가가 가까스로 스타크래프트와 브라우져를 최초로 연결하려고 한다 HTMML5 덕분에

    GitHub의 첫번째 성인 'Ryuta'만 알려진 이 유저는 저장소에 업로드를  했다. 너는 실행할 수 있다. 잠깐동안

    이것은 설치를 필요로 하지 않느다. 그리고 기본적인 유닛 컨트롤을 보여준다 전투에 들어가면서 그리고 심지어 게임으로부터 풀 애니메이션이다.

    이것은 아직 종합적이지 않다. 데모버전의 레벨이다. 하지만 'Rutya' 는 도입부분에 설명 부분에 심지어 게임과 똑같은 치트를 포함한다고 썻다

    몇몇의 특이점과 거친 부분에도 불구하고 이것은 정말 인상이 깊다. 시간이 새월이 흘러도 변치않은 게임의 재창조와 웹의 힘을 보여주는 면에서. 나는 시간이 흘럿다 내가 기억하는 것보다 하지만 이것은 큰 재미이다. 그리고 나를 전체 게임플레이의 향수를 불러일으킨다.

    HTML5의 게임버전의 유일한 문제점은 이것은 오리지널의 자산과 오디오를 허가없이 사용하는 것이다. Blizzard는 아마 이것을 문제삼을 것 같다. 블리자드는  과거에 자신들의 브랜드에 대한 문제를 삼은 적이 있다.

    너가 다운로드 받을 필요 없는 호스팅 버전은 여기서 이용가능하다 하지만 오래동안 지속될 것이라고 기대하지마라. - github 주소


    이것을 다운받아서 사용해 보았는데 역시 기사 말대로 생각보다 미흡한 부분이 있다. 일단은 단축키가 먹히지 않는 것과 공격시 적을 지정할 수 없는 일이 발생한다. 그리고 마지막으로 안타까운 것은 부대지정이 되지 않는다. 스타크래프트는 컨트롤의 재미로 하는 게임인데 컨트롤이 아직 미흡해서 아쉬웠다.

    하지만 누군가가 이렇게 HTML5로 스타크래프트를 웹에서 돌리려고 한다는 것 자체가 정말 대단하고 인상이 깊었다. 그래도 아직은 설치해서 게임을 하자.


    Starcraft now works in the browser and it’s amazing

    I love the original Starcraft. It’s hands-down the game I’ve spent the most time playing and was my first introduction to dial-up multiplayer back in 1999.


    Now, someone’s managed to port Starcraft into the browser for the first time thanks to HTML5.


    A user on GitHub, known only by the first name of ‘Ryuta’ uploaded a repository containing the bits, which you can have running on your own in a few seconds.


    It requires no installation and shows some basic demos of controlling units, entering combat and even the full animations from the game.


    It’s not comprehensive yet the levels are just demos but Rutya wrote in the instructions that demonstration even contains the same cheat codes from the original Starcraft.


    Despite some oddities and rough corners, it’s an impressive recreation of a timeless game that shows off the power of the Web. I’m rustier than I remembered, but it was a fun blast from the past and made me nostalgic to play the full game again.


    The only problem with this HTML5 version of the game is that it uses the original assets and audio without permission, which Blizzard is likely to have a problem with. The company has taken down other projects that used their brands in the past.


    A hosted version, so you don’t need to download it, is available here but don’t expect it to last for long.


    HTML5 Starcraft [GitHub] :

    출처 :

    hands-down - 쉬운, 용이한

    combat - 전투,싸움

    comprehensive - 종합적인

    demonstration - 입증, 데모, 설명

    timeless - 세월이 흘로도 변치 않은

    show somebody/something off

    1. ~을 자랑하다

    2. 돋보이게 하다

    rusty - 녹이 슨, 예전 같지 않은

    nostalgic - 향수(鄕愁)의, 향수를 불러 일으키는.

    take something down  

    1. (구조물을 해체하여) 치우다

    2. (바지 등을) 끌어내리다

    3. ~을 적다[기록하다]

    Posted by 구레이더


    For more than 100 years, the telephone companies have provided wiretapping assistance to governments.


    For much of this time, this assistance was manual. Surveillance took place manually and wires were connected by hand. Calls were recorded to tape. But as in so many other industries, computing has changed everything. The telephone companies built surveillance features into the very core of their networks. I want that to sink in for a second: Our telephones and the networks that carry our calls were wired for surveillance first. First and foremost.


    So what that means is that when you're talking to your spouse, your children, a colleague or your doctor on the telephone, someone could be listening. Now, that someone might be your own government; it could also be another government, a foreign intelligence service, or a hacker, or a criminal, or a stalker or any other party that breaks into the surveillance system, that hacks into the surveillance system of the telephone companies.


    But while the telephone companies have built surveillance as a priority, Silicon Valley companies have not. And increasingly, over the last couple years, Silicon Valley companies have built strong encryption technology into their communications products that makes surveillance extremely difficult.


    For example, many of you might have an iPhone, and if you use an iPhone to send a text message to other people who have an iPhone, those text messages cannot easily be wiretapped. And in fact, according to Apple, they're not able to even see the text messages themselves. Likewise, if you use FaceTime to make an audio call or a video call with one of your friends or loved ones, that, too, cannot be easily wiretapped.


    And it's not just Apple. WhatsApp, which is now owned by Facebook and used by hundreds of millions of people around the world, also has built strong encryption technology into its product, which means that people in the Global South can easily communicate without their governments, often authoritarian,wiretapping their text messages.


    So, after 100 years of being able to listen to any telephone call -- anytime, anywhere -- you might imagine that government officials are not very happy. And in fact, that's what's happening. Government officials are extremely mad. And they're not mad because these encryption tools are now available. What upsets them the most is that the tech companies have built encryption features into their products and turned them on by default. It's the default piece that matters.


    In short, the tech companies have democratized encryption. And so, government officials like British Prime Minister David Cameron, they believe that all communications -- emails, texts, voice calls -- all of these should be available to governments, and encryption is making that difficult.


    Now, look -- I'm extremely sympathetic to their point of view. We live in a dangerous time in a dangerous world, and there really are bad people out there. There are terrorists and other serious national security threats that I suspect we all want the FBI and the NSA to monitor.


    But those surveillance features come at a cost. The reason for that is that there is no such thing as a terrorist laptop, or a drug dealer's cell phone. We all use the same communications devices. What that means is that if the drug dealers' telephone calls or the terrorists' telephone calls can be intercepted,then so can the rest of ours, too. And I think we really need to ask: Should a billion people around the world be using devices that are wiretap friendly?


    So the scenario of hacking of surveillance systems that I've described -- this is not imaginary. In 2009,the surveillance systems that Google and Microsoft built into their networks -- the systems that they use to respond to lawful surveillance requests from the police -- those systems were compromised by the Chinese government, because the Chinese government wanted to figure out which of their own agents the US government was monitoring.


    By the same token, in 2004, the surveillance system built into the network of Vodafone Greece -- Greece's largest telephone company -- was compromised by an unknown entity, and that feature, the surveillance feature, was used to wiretap the Greek Prime Minister and members of the Greek cabinet.The foreign government or hackers who did that were never caught.


    And really, this gets to the ve ry problem with these surveillance features, or backdoors. When you build a backdoor into a communications network or piece of technology, you have no way of controlling who's going to go through it. You have no way of controlling whether it'll be used by your side or the other side,by good guys, or by bad guys.


    And so for that reason, I think that it's better to build networks to be as secure as possible. Yes, this means that in the future, encryption is going to make wiretapping more difficult. It means that the police are going to have a tougher time catching bad guys. But the alternative would mean to live in a worldwhere anyone's calls or anyone's text messages could be surveilled by criminals, by stalkers and by foreign intelligence agencies. And I don't want to live in that kind of world.


    And so right now, you probably have the tools to thwart many kinds of government surveillance already on your phones and already in your pockets, you just might not realize how strong and how secure those tools are, or how weak the other ways you've used to communicate really are.


    And so, my message to you is this: We need to use these tools. We need to secure our telephone calls. We need to secure our text messages. I want you to use these tools. I want you to tell your loved ones, I want you to tell your colleagues: Use these encrypted communications tools. Don't just use them because they're cheap and easy, but use them because they're secure.


    Thank you.



    wiretap - 전화도청장치

    Surveillance - 감시

    spouse - 배우자

    foremost - 가장 중요한

    First and foremost - 다른 무엇보다도

    sink in - 충분히 이해[인식]되다

    wired - 컴퓨터 시스템에 연결된

    sympathetic - 동정적인

    democratize - 민주화하다

    lawful - 합법적인

    tough - 힘든, 어려운

    thwart - 좌절시키다

    officials - 공식상의

    threat 미국·영국 [θret]

    suspect - 의심하다

    imaginary - 상상에만 존재하는

    compromise - 타협(내용)

    entity - 독립체

    Used to + 동사원형 - ~하곤했다

    cabinet - 고문단

    Posted by 구레이더

    아마존은 너에게 TV 쇼와 영화들을 인터넷연결이 끝켜진 상태를 위해서 저장할수있게 해준다!!

     만약에 너가 IOS 나 안드로이드 장치가 있다면 너는 투명하게(합법적으로) 인터넷 연결없이 비디오를 볼수 있다. 

    아마존은 화요일에 발표했다. 인터넷연결이 안되었을 때를 위하여  IOS와 안드로이드 앱에서 Amazon Video 를 통해서 사용자들에게 TV쇼와 영화를 다운받을 수 있도록 한다고 했다.

     이러한 특성은 음악 스트리밍 서비스에서 흔하게 사용되었다. 예를들면 Spotify 나 애플 뮤직에서. 비디오 서비스에서 이러한 서비스를 제공하는 것은 처음이다.

    스트리밍 비디오는 가끔 너가 보고싶은 것이 있고 너가 인터넷연결이 끊겼을 때 좋다.

     컨텐츠를 저장할 수 있는 것은 의미할 것이다. 좋아하는 쇼들 없이 기차를 타거나 비행기를 타는 상황들을 배재하는 것을 

     이것은 명백하게 훨씬 더 유용한 특성이다. 왜냐하면 스트리밍 뮤직 서비스보다 영상을 보는 경우가 더욱 더 많기 때문이다. 

    아마존은 빠르게 강조했다. 이것은 유일한 특성이다라고 발표했다.


    넷플릭스의 Cliff Edwards는 Tech Radar에서 작년에 이야기 했다.  오프라인으로 보는 것은 일어날 일이 없다. 이것은 오직 일시적인 wifi의 이용이 불가능할 때의 해결책이라고 말했다.


    이 뉴스는 빠르게 확산되었다. 넷플릭스가 대형 영화들 예를 들면 행거 게임,  Catching Fire , 트랜스포드들을 놓치면서  Epix(케이블 기술)을 갱신하지 않았다고

     하나는 비평할수 있다. 아마존의 비디오의 사이즈가 넷플릭스보다 작은것을. 하지만 이 점을 놓쳤다. 비디오는 가치를 추가한다. 아마존이 1년마다 99달러인 주된 서비스를 많이 소비를 하는 고객들을 대려올 수 있다.


     오프라인에서 재생하는 기술의 추가는 또한 더 많은 가치를 추가한다. 이 특징들은 아마존의 브랜드를 가지는 Fire 폰이나 태블릿의 사용자들이 사용할 수 있다. 하지만 ios와 안드로이드도 출시한다면 결국엔 많은 구독자들인 많은 이익을 가질 수 있다.

    아마존은 또한 비디오 서비스의 이름을 약간 바꿧다 Amazon Instant Video에서 Amazon Video로 .

     한가지 추측할 수 있는 다. 이것은 잉크를 절약하지 위한 시도일 것이라고 


    아... 해석이 너무 힘드네요. 영어 기사 읽기3일차인데 벌써 쌓여가는 단어가 많습니다. ^^ 언제다 외우나요.

    그래서 아까 생각한게 모바일로 영어단어를 입력하면 랜덤으로 나온 값은 맞추는 어플을 만들면 좀 더 쉽게 영어를 외울 수 있지 않을까 생각했는데 시간이 나면 만들어 봐야겠습니다. 



    출처 :

    Amazon now lets you save movies and TV shows for offline viewing

    If you have an iOS or Android device, you can now watch Transparent without an internet connection.



    Amazon announced Tuesday it is now letting users download movies and TV shows for offline viewing on its Amazon Video iOS and Android apps. While this feature is common in music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, this is the first time a video service has offered something like this.



    Streaming video is great until you don't have a good internet connection, which is often the time you want to watch the most. Being able to save your content locally will mean you won't have to deal with a train ride or a flight without your favorite shows.




    This is arguably a more useful feature for streaming music services, since users listen to music more than they watch videos on the go, but it's still a welcome addition. 



    Amazon is quick to point out the uniqueness of this feature, even calling out Netflix by name in its press release.


    Netflix's Director of Corporate Communications Cliff Edwards told Tech Radar last year that offline viewing was "never going to happen," saying that it's only a temporary solution for the larger problem of limited Wi-Fi availability.




    This news comes shortly after news broke that Netflix was not renewing a deal with Epix, losing big title movies likeHunger Games: Catching Fire and Transformers: Age of Extinction.



    While one could criticize Amazon Video's library for lacking size in comparison to Netflix, that's missing the point; Video adds value to Amazon's $99 per year Prime service, which brings more high-spending customers.




    A minor, but welcome addition like offline playback adds even more value still.

    This feature has been available to users of Amazon-branded Fire phones and tablets, but the rollout for iOS and Android means that substantially more Prime subscribers will be able to take advantage.



    Amazon is also changing the name of its video service slightly from Amazon Instant Video to simply, Amazon Video. One assumes this was an attempt to save ink.


    Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.


    Transparent : 명백한, 투명한

    arguably : 틀림없이

    uniqueness : 유일함

    press release : 공식발표

    news broke -> newsbreak : 특보

    criticize : 비평하다

    playback : (녹화)재생하다

    rollout  : 출시하다

    substantially  : 상당히

    Prime  : 주된

    assumes : 예측하다

    Posted by 구레이더

    안드로이드 웨어 아이폰과 연동되다!

    이 이야기는 진실이다 : 구글은 공식적으로 알렸습니다. 안드로이드 웨어가 이제 곧 아이폰과 연동 되는 것을. 하지만 이곳엔 몇몇 절차들이 있습니다. 첫번 째는 오직 최신 아이폰 즉, ios 8.2 버전 이상의 것들에만 해당됩니다. 그리고 더욱 더 중요한 것은 이 앱은 오직 최직 안드로이드 웨어 와치에만 해당합니다. 바로 LG Watch Urbane 즉, 가장 최근에 런치된 시계인 것이죠. 우리들은 또한 이제 곧 출시될 예정인 웨어 장치인 ASUS와 모토로라와 Huawei가 포함 되었다고 들었습니다.

    하지만 오래되었언 안드로이드 웨어 장치들은 어떨까요? 흠... 우리들은 ios 앱들은 이것들과 연동이 되지 않습니다. 왜냐하면 최신 안드로이드 웨어들은 별개의 취급이기 때문입니다. 오직 최신 안드로이드 웨어 시게들많이 이것들은 할 수 있다고 대변자는 말했습니다. 이것은 간결하게 ios 폰과 연동하려고 하기위서입니다. 오래된 안드로이드 웨어 장치들은 기술적으로 지원하지 않지만 나는 놀라지 않을 겁니다. 만약 누군가가 어디에서 이것을 가능하게 구현하였다고 해도 말이죠. 당연히 우리들은 우리들 스스로 풀 수 있을때까지 이 방법을 찾을 겁니다.

    모두 말했습니다. IOS 를 위한 안드로이드 웨어는 작동해야 한다 거의 유사하게 안드로이드 폰들과 같이 너는 통지들을 받을 것이다 너의 가장 좋아하는 구글 서비스들로 부터 Gmail 이나 Google Calendar 등등으로 부터 이것들이 목소리를 이용해서 요청을 하고 너는 예전에 했던대로 안드로이드 앱들과 직면할 수 있을 것이다.

    구글에 의하면 너는 이런 앱들을 다운받을 필요가 없다. 그것들은 이미 ios app안에 깔려져있다. (아마 예측하기로 너는 구글 인증을 받고 이것들을 사용할 수 있을 것이다.)

    그리고 3번째 참여한 앱의 너의 아이폰의 알림은 또한 시계에 보여질 것이다. 그러나 만약 , 너가 진정한 자연의 3번째 파티 앱으로 동기화 하고 싶다면 분명히 작동될 것이다.


    Android Wear now works with iPhones

    The rumors are true: Google has officially announced that Android Wear is coming to the iPhone. But there are a few caveats. For one thing, only the latest iPhones -- those that are running iOS 8.2 and up -- are supported (that includes the iPhone 5 onwards). More importantly, this app only works with the very latest in Android Wear watches. Right now, the only watch that works with this is the new LG Watch Urbane, which is the most recent Android Wear watch to launch. We're told that the app will also work with all future Wear devices, including upcoming watches from ASUSMotorola and Huawei.

    But what about older Android Wear devices? Well, we're told that the iOS app won't work with them because they don't run the latest Android Wear release out of the box. Only the latest Android Wear watches have this capability, a spokesperson said, in order to ensure a streamlined setup pairing with an iOS phone. That said, while older Android Wear devices aren't technically supported, I wouldn't be surprised if someone somewhere were able to make it work. Of course, we won't be able to find this out until we can try it out for ourselves.

    All told, Android Wear for iOS should work almost the same as it does for Android phones. You'll get notifications from your favorite Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Now, as well as Apple's Calendar, Google Fit, the weather, alarm, agenda, Translate and so forth. It'll work with voice queries and you can change the watch face just as you can with the Android app. According to Google, you don't need to have any of these apps installed; they're all built into the iOS app itself (We're guessing that you'll be asked to login with your Google credentials and it'll go from there). Any third party app notifications that show up on your iPhone will also show on the watch. However, if you want true native third party app syncing, apparently that's still in the works.

    So there you have it; if you were a little upset at the limited wearable options available for the iPhone, now you have the latest Android Wear lineup at your disposal. If you happen to have an LG Watch Urbane and you have an iPhone lying around, you can go ahead and try out the app -- it's slowly rolling out on Apple's App Store starting today.

    출처 :

    caveats : (특정 절차를 따르는)통고

    how about : ~는 어때? (제안하는것)

    what about : ~는 어때? (의견을 묻는 것)

    about 20 minutes left how about playing tennis? 

    - 20분 남았는데 테니스 치는게 어때?

    about 20 minutes left what about playing tennis?  

    - 20분 남았는데 테니스 치는것에 대해 어떻게 생각하니?

     out of the box : 특별취급의

    streamlined :  1. 능률적인; 간결한   2. 최신식의, 현대적인

    credential : 1. 자격 2. 자격 인증서, 자격증

    apparently : 듣자 하니

    upset : 속상하게 하다

    lineup : 줄서있다.

    disposal : 처리, 처분

    Posted by 구레이더